Tony Sabló, Ed.D.

TONY SABLÓ, a consultant with Flynn Heath Holt, provides consulting in the areas of career and succession management, executive coaching, leadership and management development, talent management and diversity and inclusion.

Prior to being a consultant, Tony was the Chief Talent and Diversity Officer for National Geographic for seventeen years.  At National Geographic, Tony provided strategic and operational direction to the human resources function and worked with the compensation committee of the board of trustees.  As a member of the Executive Council, he worked in partnership with senior management to ensure that the human resources and organizational needs of over ten divisions were met.  Before joining National Geographic, Tony was director of human resources and organizational effectiveness for Time Life Inc.   Tony is passionate about understanding the unique needs and developmental goals of each leader within the context and expectations of their organizations and communities.

Tony received his doctoral degree from The George Washington University. His master’s degree is from the University of Denver and his undergraduate degree is from the University of Missouri, St. Louis.