Emolyn Lambert, MA

Emolyn Lambert is known for her expertise in organizational development, executive coaching and leadership training.

From leading change initiatives for enterprise-wide projects, to one-on-one coaching with senior-level leaders, Emolyn’s efforts are always guided by her desire to achieve business results. As an expert in the design and delivery of training, Emolyn concentrates on developing leaders. Emolyn’s enthusiasm for her work comes from witnessing the changes in the leaders she works with, and from seeing the business impact these leaders make in their organizations.

Emolyn’s career as a consultant started in 1983 as she began providing human resource expertise to a variety of businesses. Her work in strategic planning and organizational change cemented Emolyn’s reputation. Emolyn’s clients have covered the industry spectrum and include manufacturing, financial services, public accounting, utilities, telecommunications, retail, government, and non-profit. Several of her more recognizable clients include Bank of America, Wachovia and Belk Store Services.

Emolyn earned her BA and MA degrees from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She also holds certifications for several skill-based training programs including Myers-Briggs and FIRO-B.