Affiliate Partners

Flynn Heath Holt collaborates with two outstanding professional partners to provide clients with additional depth in the critical areas of presentation skills and professional image.

Executive Repertory specializes in the design and delivery of experiential, hands-on coaching and workshops that train clients to communicate with authenticity, clarity, and meaning. This training helps provide our clients with excellent presentation skills. Executive Repertory builds on participants’ strengths and personalities to bring confidence, intentionality, and authenticity to all professional interactions, from formal and informal presentations to one-on-one and small-group interactions with colleagues and clients.

Dress Code professionals are super connectors specializing in one-on-one coaching and seminars for men and women on many topics, including image, presence and business etiquette. Dress Code provides personal branding services that cultivate confidence and support individuality, allowing clients to unlock their personal best through image and presence training. They show clients why, what and where to accomplish personal brand goals. Working with Fortune 1000 companies nationally, Dress Code defines, designs and delivers.