Accelerated Development Programs

A well-designed, long-term development plan pays off for individual employees and their companies.

Although most women have the same career ambitions that men do, they often find themselves in business environments that do not support their need for flexibility or their desire to understand the unwritten norms and assumptions that have subtle impact on their careers.  After five to eight years of struggle, many women leave to go elsewhere or to start their own businesses.

Flynn Heath Holt is the passion of four women who figured out how to succeed in corporate America and want to make it easier for other women to do so.  Our firm has a unique two-pronged approach: first, we consult with clients about how to change the work environment in their company in order to retain their high talent women;  then we design a multi-month program tailored to developing and retaining groups of high-talent women and ensuring their long-term success.

Flynn Heath Holt is sought after because of our exemplary track record in helping clients develop and retain their high-talent women.