About Us

Flynn Heath Holt is a leadership firm dedicated to moving women leaders forward faster.

Our Professional Eminence in the field of Developing Women Leaders

We are recognized nationally for our unique expertise in developing women leaders. Break Your Own Rules, published in 2011, was a best seller on both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal lists. Our new book, The Influence Effect  published November 2017, focuses on political savvy.  We reframe the topic from office politics to influence encouraging women to do it their way, using our “big five” strategies.   We continue to contribute  articles to Harvard Business Review.  Our Consultants are sought after for keynote speeches and client events.

Our Track Record

Our firm has coached and trained over 17,000 corporate women leaders over the past 15 years. In addition, we have conducted telephone interviews with more than 4,500 corporate executives on how women can be effective leaders. No other firm has this much breadth and depth in working directly with women leaders.

Our Results

We are results oriented and use metrics to measure the success of our engagements. Our key metrics are: retention, promotion, satisfaction & confidence indicators, and percentage of women in top leadership positions.